About DUCK

DUCK processes several of the fields in the debian/control and debian/upstream files of all Debian source packages on an regular basis, currently once a day. It extracts the URLs found therein and checks if those URLs are available.
The results are displayed for the last 5 checks.
If the most recent check for a given package yields no error, this package is assumed to be "OK" and is therefor not listed.

What is monitored

Currently, all source package files from sid/main are processed.

The files are taken from http://ftp.tugraz.at/mirror/debian/ once a day. Results are available for the last 5 days.

The following URLs are monitored (if applicable):

What is shown

Basically all check results that failed at least once in the past are shown. If the last check was successful, no entry is shown, because then the check is assumed to be OK. This helps to avoid false positives caused by DNS issues, network/uplink problems and all the other strange things that happen on the internet, and to show the "flappiness" of the upstream URL state. So if you see only some red icon entries, don't worry.

Empty colums indicate that the package was not yet there on the given day. See http://packages.debian.org/unstable/main/newpkg for the latest new packages in unstable.

Machine-readable output

To get machine-readable output, just append

to the query url, like this. This will return a list of all packages with issues in the last 5 days.

Search Keywords

There are currently 2 kinds of searches available:

Search by sourcepackage

Just enter the name of the sourcepackage:

Example: foo

Search by email

This lists all packages with issues where maintainer or uploader contains the specified email address.

Maintainer + Uploader:
Example: username@domain.invalid

Maintainer only:
Example: maintainer:maint@domain.invalid

Uploader only:
Example: uploader:upldr@domain.invalid


The source code is available on Alioth.


Please contact me for questions/suggestions: simon@familiekainz.at.